Fosroc Expoband H45 1mmx200mmx25m


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Fosroc Expoband H45 is an un-reinforced Hypalon membrane incorporating a central release tape which is designed to be bonded over movement joints or cracks in structures to prevent the passage of water. It is suitable in construction use and repair/remedial applications.

Expoband H45 is available in 1mm thickness and widths of 100mm and 200mm, supplied in a 25 metre roll. When longer lengths are required Expoband H45 can be joined by hot welding. It is bonded to the structure on both sides of the joint using Supastik E10 two-part epoxy adhesive.

  • Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Waterproof and chemical resistant for joints above and below ground
  • Heat weldable connection