RIW Aqua Channel 2m



Aqua Channel is a PVC drainage conduit which is designed to control water ingress into below ground structures. It is generally fitted around the perimeter of the floor, at the vulnerable wall/floor junction, and is suitable for use with Cavity Drain, waterproof membranes and coatings. Water entering the structure through the wall is controlled behind the Cavity Drain system, and diverted down through the Aqua Channel at the base of the wall. Water enters the Aqua Channel through pre-drilled drainage holes, before being diverted to a suitable drainage point, either gravity fed or a sump and mechanical pump. As a general rule, a minimum of one sump/discharge point is required for every 50 linear metre run of Aqua Channel. A minimum of two discharge points/outlets from the Aqua Channel should be provided to any sump or drainage system.