RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC

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RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC is a high performance polymeric material, available in widths from 100mm to 1000mm wide, supplied in
rolls 20m long.

Fully recyclable
Does not contain pitch, tar or bitumen
Tough, durable and puncture resistant
Flexible and easy to handle
Excellent mortar bond strength
Unaffected by extremes of temperature

Within masonry walls to prevent the passage of moisture from the ground, up into the fabric of the building, and/or at all levels as a cavity tray to prevent downward movement of water.
RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC can be used in heavy loading situations, such as in multi storey buildings.

DPC’s should always be bedded onto fresh mortar, never dry bedded. The masonry laid over the dpc should also be bedded onto fresh mortar so that the dpc is approximately halfway through the thickness of the mortar joint.
Ground floor level dpc’s in external walls should be laid a minimum of 150mm above the adjacent ground level.
The dpc must be at least as wide as the thickness of the wall. If the dpc is narrower, full protection cannot be achieved and moisture may track up the wall and past the dpc.
If joints are required within the material, they must be lapped by a minimum of 100mm, including onto any accessories, and all laps sealed using Jointing Tape.
RIW Sheetseal 9000 DPC has been awarded British Board of Agrement Certificate No. 13/5046, covering its use to provide horizontal, vertical or stepped damp-proof courses, in either solid or cavity masonry walls.