RIW Toughseal 20L


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Toughseal is a solvent free polymer modified two-pack epoxy coating.
Toughseal is typically used to provide a barrier to water and water vapour, as a surface applied membrane. It is used in areas that require excellent tensile adhesion, chemical and/or abrasion resistance; such as plant rooms and under raised access floors, etc.

Typical Uses
Toughseal is typically used to provide a water and water vapour proof barrier, or to give protection against abrasion, fresh and salt water, carbon dioxide, alkalis and dilute mineral acids. It is resistant to U.V. light and atmospheric attack but should perhaps not be used where aesthetics are important. Suitable uses for Toughseal include, raised access floors, ground floor slabs, swimming pool wet areas and shower areas, plant rooms, sewage plants and marine applications. When dressed with a suitable aggregate it will provide a slip retardant wearing surface or a waterproof key for tile bedding or renders. The coating can be used to protect iron and steel against corrosion and concrete against carbonation.
Toughseal should not be used in contact with potable water systems.

Water and water vapour barrier
Abrasion resistant
Jointless membrane
High substrate adhesion
Chemically resistant
Class 1 Fire rating
U.V. resistant

Ground floors
Computer floors
Plant rooms and Bunded Areas
Basement and Sub-structures
Swimming pool / wet rooms and other wet areas

Applied to:

2m2 per litre (2 Coats)